Friday, September 5, 2014


My new novel Kali - Destroyer of Worlds is available on Amazon and Kindle now. Here's an excerpt;
    Seeing the face in the window had changed Tina’s outlook on things, she realized. She cared less about the boys, less even about the cop and whether or not he was a sociopath, or even a real cop; the idea this face represented something she had no frame of reference for whatsoever had disturbed her to the core. How had some little girl killed a whole group of people? Was it even a little girl? The face had seemed intent, maybe a little angry, until she had locked eyes with Tina.
    She had smiled at Tina, then. She shuddered thinking of it now, but kept going back to it, like a tongue probing the hole of a lost tooth. The smile had not been one of happiness. It reminded Tina of wildlife movies she had seen, and the way wild dogs and large cats displayed their fangs. More a show of dominance than any expression of real human feeling. The smile had seemed forced to Tina, as well; an unnatural expression, like the girl, thing, whatever, had rarely smiled, and was unused to the way of it.
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